Raluca Scona

Dyson Research Fellow

About Me

I am a postdoc at the Dyson Robotics Lab with Prof. Andrew Davison working on novel methods for real-time 3D motion estimation applied to specialised hardware. I did my PhD at the Edinburgh Center for Robotics where I worked on visual SLAM and sensor fusion applied to humanoid robots and on handling dynamic environments in visual SLAM by leveraging motion segmentation. My research interests are in real-time 3D perception methods which can robustly operate on mobile robotic platforms in real world conditions.

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  • Feb. 2021:
Our paper Robust Underwater Visual SLAM Fusing Acoustic Sensing was accepted to ICRA 2021 in Xi’an, China.
  • Mar. 2020:
I joined the Dyson Robotics Lab as a postdoc with Prof. Andrew Davison to continue working on real-time 3D perception methods.
  • Feb. 2020:
I defended my PhD thesis, Robust Dense Visual SLAM Using Sensor Fusion and Motion Segmentation. Thank you to examiners: Stefan Leutenegger (Technical University of Munich) and Sen Wang (Heriot-Watt University).


Articles PhD Thesis
  • R. Scona. Robust Dense Visual SLAM Fusing Sensor Fusion and Motion Segmentation. PhD Thesis, Heriot-Watt University and The University of Edinburgh, 2020. [pdf]